Raoul Rodriguez

Director & Director of Photography 


From a young age, I have been passionate about merging art and technology. While studying science, my mind would often wander to thoughts of installations, dance, and sound. After working as an interactive sound artist with plastic artists and choreographers, I was introduced to the world of slow motion cameras, macroscopic lenses, and SFX and post-production. Working with 35mm HS cameras and supervising SFX for international commercials opened the door for me to direct and light my own projects. I then began experimenting with digital HS cameras to further explore and create freely. In Paris, I founded Sublab, a company that pioneers award-winning projects with HS technology and SFX, always striving for super cool visuals. Sublab is now creating robotic tools like ULYSSE to enhance the creativity of directors, artists, and DP’s. Throughout my journey, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with talented artists, directors, photographers, actors, dancers, producers, and CGI and flame artists, which has fueled my passion for this field.

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North America


Elyse Sara / elyse@canteenworks.com